15120 Embouts hexagonaux de 2,0 mm avec revêtement en titane

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15120 Embouts hexagonaux de 2,0 mm avec revêtement en titane
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1 x TKR5199B HRC Rear Hubs
2 x SMJ-1222 STEALTH LINE SPRING RS8.6 (Short 24mm/2pcs)
1 x R122101 R12 Center Pulley Hub-Alu
1 x R123001 R12 Spur Shaft
1 x R121061 R12 Kevlar Diff Case
1 x D.J CVD shaft (1pcs)
1 x TKR5340C Fuel Tank (w/ clunk, NB48, IFMAR legal
1 x S4-SG87D - DP48 87T Spur gear (for dual pad)
3 x R803037 4mm X 17mm Turnbuckle (2)
1 x S4-002SP - Side plate/Battery post /Anthena mount
3 x 3 GEAR box
1 x YZ-2 Battery Foam Sheet (3 kinds, 5pcs)
1 x R0309 M4x20mm TURN BUCKLE(IF18-2)
2 x S4-017 - Graphite front shock tower
2 x S4-412WS - Stabilizer wire soft set (1.0-1.5mm/6pcs)
3 x 3 Gear motor plate
2 x 62mm UNIVERSAL Bone
1 x Aluminum Pulley Flange (for center inside)for YZ-4
2 x TKR5310 Center Differential Mount (NB48, NT48)
2 x G071-15Pignon de 15T
3 x Front steering hub carieer
2 x Graphite Servo Mount Plate
2 x Aluminum Rear Upper Arm Mount YZ-2
1 x S4-002BC - Aluminum bulk head cap
2 x O.S. O-RING 15X1MM 29015019
2 x Aluminum belcrunk post
2 x Aluminum Slipper Plate (for S4-303MS2)
1 x TKR5323 Engine Mounts (CNC, NB48, NT48)
1 x TKR5215B Brake Cams (10° offset, steel, 2pcs)
1 x Graphite Front Shock Tower
2 x S4-412WH - Stabilizer wire hard set (1.6-2.0mm/6pcs)
1 x S4-200A - Aluminum steering bell crank for L/R
1 x Graphite Battery Plate 2Hole/4Hole
1 x Steering block plate (Graphite)
2 x Graphite battery plate
1 x Graphite Bell Crank Brace (for S4-002S2)
2 x 3 GEAR box
1 x Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier (0°)
1 x Aluminium steering bell crunk
1 x 4.5mm Wheel spacer (2pcs)
1 x TKR5338 Brake Levers, Brake Cam Stays (w/ pins)
1 x Graphite Center Mount Plate
2 x aluminium AR upper arm mount
1 x R129006 R12 Bulkhead Alignment Block-17mm
1 x M2 × 5mm cap screw
3 x front shock
2 x S4-002BRL - Aluminum rear bulk head (Left)
2 x Graphite Bell Crank Arm Plate
2 x battery plate
2 x Z2-415SH3 YZ-2DTM3/CAL3 Steering Block L/R (Hard Type)
2 x bell crunk/link/sevo mount 17/20mm
1 x YZ-2T Rear X33 Shock Shaft (Gold Titanium Coating)
2 x SMJ-1203 Ressorts court TS3.1
1 x Graphite Rear Shock Tower
1 x R119019 R11 Chassis Flex Adjustment Set
1 x R119017 CVD Set Rear 42.5mm (2set)
1 x R119009 R11 kit montage ATS System Set
1 x R119013 R11 Chassis Balance Weight 15g x3
1 x R119018 R11 Body Mount Set
2 x 3mm Nylon Lock Nuts
1 x Aluminium steering bell crunk
1 x Aluminum Servo Mount
1 x Graphite front shock tower (Gull type)
1 x 6mm Rear wheel hub
1 x Aluminum Drive Narrow Pulley (Front/Rear/Center·1pc)
1 x CVD Front 45.5mm (2pcs)
1 x R118013 R11 Floating Servo Mount
1 x Hard Rear Upright (2pcs)
1 x R111030 R11 2019 Bumper Set
1 x dur C Hub (R / L)
1 x R122022 R12 Upper Bulkhead
1 x R118014 SRS Floating Steering Plate
1 x R121095 Upper A-Arm V2 (2)
1 x Low Friction Ball Bearing 5x10x4 (4pcs)
1 x Suspension Alu Bracket #0.5
1 x Suspension Alu Bracket #2.5
1 x Flex Motor Tower
1 x Suspension Alu Bracket 0
1 x R122020 R12 Spool Axle-Alu
1 x Suspension Alu Bracket #1.5
1 x Low friction diff case
1 x Wheel Axle (2pcs)
1 x Suspension Alu Bracket #3.5
1 x ATS Base
1 x Phillips Screw Driver NO.1
1 x Maintenance kit for gear differential
1 x R138022 A10 Front Upper Deck
1 x R112410 Wheel Axle -Alu (2)
1 x R112080 20T Center Pulley-Alu (2)
1 x R129005 R12 Low Arm Set with Shims - HARD
1 x R122028 CVD-Alu 44mm
1 x R128008 R12 Servo Mount Plate
1 x R128016 R12 Upper Deck-Narrow
1 x R138021 A10 Rear Upper Deck
1 x Link Mount (for S4-415R/Z2-415RDC)
1 x Aluminum (7075/Hard) Center Bone (63.5mm)
1 x 15120 Embouts hexagonaux de 2,0 mm avec revêtement en titane
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