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2.1 PISTE 3L-Rouleme AR Céramique + 1 Kits Réso coude EFRA 268

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  The piston is made from a special selected alloy that withstands the high forces happening at 42.000 RPM.

The sleeve is made with a tapered design, this will maintain the compression even when the engine heats up.

 Depth testing of many different alloys & technologies before arriving at the final product. Connecting rods developed for very high RPM nitro engines.

The ZEUS .12 engine features 3 tungsten balance weights to inherent vibrations of a single cilinder engine.
The single turbo scoop improves crankcase pumping and fuel atomization

Carburetor is built with distinct circuit for delivery of fuel/air mixture to the combustion chamber in proper ratios to provide smooth engine operation from start-up through wide-open-throttle position.

Engine specs:


RPM:  43.500
Piston / Sleeve:  3 ports
Rear ballbearing:  Ceramic WIB
Front ballbearing:  Steel
Crankshaft:  3 tungsteno – turbo – con silicone
Carburator:  Slide
Glowplug:  MT Onyx 7
Exhaust: Rear
Starting: External
Weight:  320 g
Fuel:  16% nitro
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